About us

Partnership Support Group is a national social care charity offering innovative support and housing services through its subsidiaries, mcch and Choice Support.

Established social care charities, mcch and Choice Support, have become wholly owned subsidiaries of Partnership Support Group (PSG), a holding company and charity.  It is expected that mcch and Choice Support will fully integrate and become one organisation, PSG, in the future. Both mcch and Choice Support believe this will enhance and increase their range of innovative services.    

The combined organisation will have an annual turnover of £66 million, employing 3000 staff and providing support to 2300 people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health needs.  

Who we are

PSG is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees, formed of five Trustees from the former mcch Board, and five from the former Choice Support board. PSG Trustees are also the Trustees for mcch and Choice Support. 

Oliver Mills (Chair) – mcch  

Paul McGee – Choice Support 

Colin Mills – mcch  

Chris Dorey – Choice Support 

Anne Chapman – mcch  

Lynda Frampton – Choice Support 

Peter Hasler – mcch 

Barry Coker – Choice Support 

Kate Wood – mcch  

Ian Bell – Choice Support

To contact us for all enquiries 

please call on: 0300 303 3588 

or email:  enquiries@partnershipsupport.org.uk